Degustazioni dei migliori vini locali ma non solo, visite alle cantine vitivinicole e molte altre occasioni per esperienze enogastronomiche di qualità.

The company Pojer e Sandri is one of the historic wineries of Trentino that has made the culture of the noble vine into its strength. A beautiful and authentic spot, located on the hill of Faedo, a few kilometres from Trento, where innovation, research and audacity on the part of the owners, Mario and Pojer Fiorentino Sandri, standing side-by-side with the younger generation, have written the history of wine making within the territory. The search for purity combined with experimental winemaking methods is also found in the production of spirits and vinegar.

The guests of Casa Trentini will have the opportunity to spend a day tasting and discovering the territory and passing through the company’s history, and anyone who wishes to can cycle there, thanks to our collaboration with PrestaBici. The first stop is in Faedo to visit the vineyard where wine and spirits are produced, followed by a sprint to the Val di Cembra to visit the farm and the striking vinegar manufacturer.