Contemporary art
as part of everyday life for a new concept of hospitality

Located in the heart of the historical centre of Grado, an island in the North Adriatic just a few kilometres from Trieste and Aquileia, Casa Agrado is situated on the third floor of the elegant Condominio Bruseschi, in Viale Regina Elena 27, along the seafront promenade that saw the Viennese Belle Époque parade in the early 20th century.

The entrance of the building mirrors the first gate to Grado’s main beach where the most exclusive sectors of the bathing area are located.

In line with the other Atemporary Art Apartments, the living areas are characterised by contemporary art and are represented by Liliana Moro’s art project, part of the CARTEdition wallpaper art collection.

The Black and Birds / Blu Apartment offers a view overlooking the beach filled with colourful beach umbrellas and the vibrancy of a summer holiday by the sea.
A two-room apartment with an open space in which the living room and kitchen are lit up by the aqua-coloured hues of the wallpaper that opens up to an aerial dimension thanks to the dancing of migratory birds on the wall.
The main bedroom and the second bedroom/studio use a bathroom equipped and furnished with the latest generation of equipment.

The Black and Birds Apartment, overlooking the Gulf of Trieste, looks out over Istria and the upper Adriatic Sea from a large window with a terrace.
It’s a three-room apartment with two bedrooms, one double and one twin, two bathrooms and a large living room featuring the work of Liliana Moro here on a black background.
The two large terraces extend the livability of the flat to the outdoors, enjoying the fragrance and echo of the sea.

Both flats are fully equipped and soundproofed, organised with para-hotel services and provided with a useful parking space.

Casa Agrado continues the collaboration with suppliers and designers of all Atemporary Art Apartments enhancing the value of collaboration and craftsmanship for customised environments and atmospheres. The renovation project and the interior design were designed by Studio Krej; the designer seats are the result of the weaving skills of Riccardo and Mattia Meterc; illycaffè the brand of excellence for coffee breaks with an irresistible flavour.

In addition to art and the careful design of the rooms, the distinguishing feature of the Atemporary Art Apartments is the warm welcome that enriches the trip with an intimate and personal flavour

The Atemporary Art Apartments are a network of places where art and hospitality come together to offer an exciting, exclusive, inspiring stay for the eyes and mind.

AtemporaryStudio, owned by Samantha Punis and Giovanna Felluga, expands into new territories in which the two owners’ two research fields, design and art, become an essential part of the concept of hospitality, travel, holiday and accommodation. Casa Agrado continues the project already begun with Casa Trentini in which customised services are combined with an integral and all-embracing way of experiencing and enjoying art and design.